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Moving assets cross-chain has never been simpler

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Instabridge allows you to swap eXRD for XRD and wrap ETH, wBTC, USDC and USDT to receive wrapped, one-to-one backed versions on Radix.

More assets coming soon

In three simple steps, move your crypto assets cross-chain across Ethereum and Radix.


1. Verify

In a few short steps, get verified with Instapass and connect your Ethereum and Radix Wallets

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2. Connect

Authorise Instapass to connect to your Instabridge account and log in using Metamask


3. Swap

Enter the amount you want to swap and receive those tokens in your Radix or Ethereum wallet

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Cross-Chain Made Cost Effective

Swapping crypto-assets cross-chain can involve expensive smart contract interactions.

Instabridge uses simple send transactions saving up to 500% per swap vs permissionless bridges.*

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