Instabridge and Instapass will be offline from the 25th September in preparation for the Radix Network Babylon upgrade. More details on our blog.

Move Crypto Assets Cross-Chain

Fast, Secure & Gas Efficient

Cross-Chain Selector

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Cross-Chain Made Simple

Three simple steps to move your crypto assets cross-chain.
Starting with eXRD (on Ethereum) to XRD (on Radix), with other assets coming soon.

1. Connect

Connect your Ethereum wallet and Radix wallet to Instabridge

2. Verify

Authorise Instapass to connect to your Instabridge account.

3. Swap

Send your eXRD to Instabridge and get XRD to your Radix Wallet

Cross-Chain Made Cost Effective

Swapping crypto-assets cross-chain can involve expensive smart contract interactions.

Instabridge uses simple send transactions saving up to 500% per swap vs permissionless bridges.*

A Multiverse of Opportunity

Once set up with Instabridge, you can quickly and securely move assets cross-chain.

Instabridge currently supports eXRD to XRD. BTC, LTC, Doge & more are coming to Radix soon.

Be the first to know when new assets are added